2020 July

  • Enjoy a Relaxing Girls Weekend in Lyme, CT

    For seven years, Pete, the kids and I lived in Connecticut. You could say Lex and Kole were partially raised there. It’s funny, when you live somewhere, it’s easy to take all that it has to offer for granted. I’d like to think that we did a good job of exploring lots of restaurants and nearby towns, but there are so many hidden gems, especially in a state as beautiful as Connecticut. 
  • Growing Separately Without Growing Apart

    True friends know that they each have their own individual ambitions, goals, and wants in life. Even if your goals don't align directly with the goals of your true friends, it shouldn't matter. True friends don't hold one another back. They push each other forward in all endeavors.
  • Light and Luscious Key “Lyme” Pie

    My daughter, Lex, shares my love for cooking. Since she—like me—has some food sensitivities, she has always looked for interesting twists on recipes to fit her diet. We’ve explored the paleo diet because it cuts out sugar, alcohol, processed foods, dairy, legumes, and grains—all things that can cause a Lyme flare-up. One of our favorite paleo treats is this key lime pie. It puts a healthy spin on the traditional recipe and still has all the tangy, fruity flavor that makes you feel like you’re at the beach.
  • Never Forgetting What Our Friends Do

    You have to be there for your friends, just as they were there for you. That is what being a friend is all about! Friends are counting on you for support and love, especially in their hardest times. Never forget what your friends have done for you. Be a friend back!
  • A Sublyme Group of Irreplaceable Friends

    I have Lyme disease. I know that now, but for 16 years I couldn’t figure out why I was so sick. I experienced more than 60 different symptoms that on some days caused nothing more than a slight headache, while other days, they caused so much physical pain I couldn’t get out of bed. During 2010, I was bedridden for several weeks. 
  • Oh--hi there, girl! Let's go to Ojai!

    Ojai (pronounced oh-HI, hence the title of this blog), is known as a spiritual oasis in southern California. If you’re looking for an experience that will beautifully connect you to the simpler things, this is your destination. Ojai is filled with things like small farms, vineyards, walking and hiking trails, farm-to-table restaurants, natural hot springs, and bohemian-style shops. And, as I learned during my own girls weekend in 2018, there’s plenty more for you and your girls to explore. 
  • Friendships Should Last Lifetimes

    Friendships should last lifetimes. If this isn't the case, then there was not enough work put into the friendship for it to last. That doesn't mean it was your fault. It means that maybe the friendship wasn't meant to be. Maybe the friendship never truly started. This is not to be critical. Friends are always supposed to be there. Sure, we can disagree, or have differing opinions, but when a friendship is true, it's strength can weather any storm!
  • Here’s the Scoop: Lavender Ice Cream!

    We know the lavender plant is known for promoting health and well-being, and we think this recipe for ice cream does both! In our Let’s Go blog You and Your Girlfriends Need Each Other we gushed about the beauty of Ojai, California, and one of its premier events, the Lavender Festival. We can’t recommend that destination enough for your next girls weekend. In the meantime, why not start building the excitement by making this soothing treat? 
  • Friends in Heart Will Never Part

    You don't have to live five minutes away to be friends. People have friends across states, and countries. Distance should never be an issue for true friends. Being there for your friend does not always have to mean "physically" being there. Friendship is built on love, and love knows no bounds.
  • You and Your Girlfriends Need Each Other

    I’ve never been an avid girls weekend trip-taker. Sounds odd doesn’t it? I mean, here I am with monumental aspirations for this My Girlfriendships brand, and I’m telling you that going on a trip with my girlfriends was never my “thing”—until now. I must confess that I’m a bit sad that I have just recently realized how important spending quality time with girlfriends truly is. 
  • Sittin’ on the Dock of the --- Lake

    Although the next line in the song says you will be “wasting time,” that’s not true when you visit Minnesota. Contrary to popular belief, there are no igloos and it doesn’t always snow. Another falsehood is that Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 lakes. I am here to tell you that that is an understatement! Truth is, Minnesota has 21,871 lakes that are 2.5 acres or more.  When we moved here in 2014, I had no idea that there were so many lakes with clean, beautiful water. I didn’t think that anywhere could compete with my California memories!
  • Time Apart Can't Break Up True Friends

    Friends just...get it. We know there are times that we can't be there physically for each other. As true friends we know that a couple of days (or even weeks) without talking won't break us. If you are truly friends, you don't have to say a thing! True friends could be apart for a year and the minute they reunite, they can pick up right where they left off without missing a single beat. That's true friendship!