You and Your Girlfriends Need Each Other

From the heart…
Be the kind of friend a friend would like to have!


I’ve never been an avid girls weekend trip-taker. Sounds odd doesn’t it? I mean, here I am with monumental aspirations for this My Girlfriendships brand, and I’m telling you that going on a trip with my girlfriends was never my “thing”—until now. I must confess that I’m a bit sad that I have just recently realized how important spending quality time with girlfriends truly is. 


After my 30 year high school reunion, Charlie, Mallory, Sydney and I began talking much more regularly than we had previously. Why? Well, as the cliche states, time goes by so quickly. During those years, I was going to college, finding the love of my life, raising a family, starting could I squish in anything else? Truth is, I could have and should have. 


After our 30-year reunion, and during one of our conversations, we decided that we needed a weekend together, so I suggested a VRBO home on the water in Santa Barbara, CA. We’re all California girls so the ocean seemed appropriate for our inaugural trip. And I have secretly always wanted to also visit a nearby town of Ojai


If you had to give each one of us a label, I would definitely be the captain of the group. I’m the  one running around with the clipboard organizing everything, demanding control, cooking the meals, and being the mom. It probably makes me the most annoying of the group too, but at least I mean well. Sydney would be the choreographer, Mallory the comedienne and Charlie is our hold-your-hand-at your-deathbed girl. 


During our weekend the four of us picked up just like no time had passed. We told stories that were so familiar with names of classmates that we had forgotten, but instantly remembered as if we just saw them yesterday. All along we were laughing to tears, and grabbing our bellies because we couldn’t breathe. Some of the stories brought on gasps as if we all said in unison, “WHAT?! You’re kidding me!” 


And there were other tears, but not from laughter. They were from the sorrow and pain that had been bottled up for 30 plus years. Circumstances that we suffered privately, yet none of us knew about at the time. For me, it was heart-wrenching hearing them. Remember, I’m the protective mom of the group. I’m also a fixer, so my mind immediately went to a solution for all the deep-seated issues that were shared.


It was on this girls weekend, with three of my best friends, that allowed me to listen closer, speak softer, and laugh louder. All of which gave me a deeper appreciation for the love that survived, despite our long hiatus. I realized that these three women taught me about friendship and are a big part of why I have always worked so hard to be the kind of friend a friend would like to have—with all my girls. 


On our last day, we were sitting on the second floor deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean. As we ate breakfast, Mallory spoke with tears in her eyes. “I need you girls. We need to do this every year.” We all agreed. We all need some part of one another, but we didn’t realize it until we got together.  


As I reflect on my own girls weekend experience, I wonder how many other women across the world need each other, just as the four of us need each other. You may be like I was and think it’s not your thing. I urge you not to wait any longer. They need you. And you need them.


I love that you were with me today. See you tomorrow!


Lisa A.K.A. Loopie

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