Cooling Off in the Desert This Summer

What? Cooling off in the DESERT? In the SUMMER? That’s right—we’re talking about things to do to keep cool in the desert during the summer. In our last blog, we suggested keeping cool in the city. This week, we are helping you find cool, desert fun with your girlfriend crew.

Check out a few of our favorites.

“What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas” right? Along the famous Vegas Strip in the heart of the Nevada desert, you have a myriad of ways to cool off. How about taking in a show? There are so many to choose from: Blue Man Group, Absinthe, Cirque Du Soleil, Mat Franco or David Copperfield Magic, Jabbawokeez, Concerts of all different music genres, and ladies, how ‘bout Chippendales! Shows, girlfriend, shows! They are air-conditioned and entertainment at its best. 

Your first thought of Vegas may have been sitting at a table feeling like lady luck. If that’s your style, well you are right in line with how to have a fantastic, maybe even a profitable, time with you and your besties. Blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, pai gow, and any of those slot machines can provide enough cash to treat your entire crew for dinner and drinks. 

For you hot babes who like to make a splash by taking heart-pounding trips down the bonzai pipelines or chill in a chain of inner tubes going down a lazy river, drink in hand of course, there are many destinations in the desert that will present you with waterparks. The best place to be is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Phoenix, Arizona. Whatever floats your boat (wink wink), a water park is a perfect way to cool off while having fun with your girlfriendships®

Last, but certainly, not least, spa trips in the desert sunshine are healing. Miraval and Canyon Ranch are two of our absolute faves. No better way to detox and take some mindful rest time than with your girls at an exclusive spa retreat. 

Whether you are down for spending the day poolside with a margarita in your hand, winning at the casinos, being mesmerized by a show, or channeling your inner girlfriend guru, the desert can absolutely be the place for you and your crew to chill together.


Get yourselves ready to book your summer dessert cooling getaway by contacting Courtney and she will take care of every specific detail for you. 

Have fun girlfriends! Don’t forget to leave your girl’s trip review on the reviews page on our website. We LOVE seeing your pics and spreading the love.

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