2020 May

  • The Love You Carry Inside Will Last a Lifetime

    The love you carry inside will last a lifetime--if you nurture it. Whether your own love shows up through a skill, a hobby, a relationship, a pet...you can only keep it alive by intentionally tending to it. Caring. Sharing. Growing. Laughing. Cooking. Conversing….
  • Getaway to The Real-Life Dirty Dancing Resort Town

    You won’t be sorry either when you and your Dirty-Dancing-loving friends take your next getaway to Lake Lure in NC, and attempt your version of the swan lift in the very same spot that Johnny and Baby did! Located just 26 miles from Asheville in the Hickory Nut Gorge, Lake Lure is the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend. 
  • A Smile Usually Generates Another Smile

    My husband Pete had traveled to Hawaii with his dad, mom, and three brothers once a year since he was ten years old. After we were married I joined the tradition, and once we had kids, they came along too. 
  • Dish Up Patrick Swayze's Penne with Chicken

    A little Ghost told me this recipe is NOT spooky, but is perfect for Dirty Dancing our way into this creamy chicken and penne pasta dish. Yeah, the description is corny, but the dish is not. This recipe is from Patrick Swayze's Mulholland Drive Cafe, in NYC.
  • The Best Montana Luxury Dude Ranches

    Calling ALL aspiring cowgirls! Are you and your girlfriends jonesing for a unique experience, and bored by the thought of lying on the beach? Here’s an idea--go to Montana for “glamping” at a luxury dude ranch. Ride with cowboys and cook your food over an open fire, all while experiencing some of the best spas, culinary concoctions, and sports activities.
  • Diving into the Waters of Girlfriendships

    Summer heat in Sacramento can be unbearable, even late at night. From June until September it was common for the temperatures to reach 100°. Even the nights were hot. My friends and I had two choices for our, um, activities: either stay inside and blast the air conditioning, or go outside and look for a source of water.
  • Eating at Home is Almost Always the Healthiest Choice

    After barely graduating high school in 1984, I spent the next two years enrolling in, then leaving at least five different junior colleges. It wasn’t until the summer of 1986 that I finally decided to transfer to a university, so I applied to California State University at Chico. That choice was easy.
  • Mix Up This Delicious Maine Mojito

    I lived on the East Coast for seven years and Maine was a place I never visited. I would LOVE to go back and have one of these mojitos. What makes a Maine mojito different from a regular one? It’s the ingenious addition of some delicious Maine blueberries! If you and your girlfriends are headed to a picturesque New England girls weekend, or if you’re looking to bring those coastal vibes to your own hometown, you should definitely try this refreshing cocktail. 
  • Sunny Days and Building Girlfriendships

    Remember those tanning products by Thermos called Even Up? They had a pad that was bendable in three different parts—looked kinda like padded aluminum foil—and you held it just under your neck to reflect the sun? Or, they had the full Sun Tanning Blanket so you could get that all over, even tan
  • Some Dreams Really Do Come True

    40 years ago today, May 12th, my dad Eddie London passed away at approximately 1am Pacific Standard Time. Last night, I woke up at 3:10am Central Standard Time with him on my mind. This same thing happened to me on this day in 1980 when I woke after a vivid dream of my dad repeatedly saying, “It will be okay”. 
  • What is My Girlfriendships?

    I came up with a new word this winter. It’s a word that describes the safe feeling I get when I call Sydney to rant with frustration, or Mallory to share something exciting, or tell Charli that I cried when I watched a car run over a turtle I was careful to avoid. It’s a word that describes the surety I feel when I call Shannon with a crazy idea, and I know she will listen and brainstorm how to get it to work. The word is Girlfriendships™. 
  • Build the Classic Maine Lobster Rolls

    The summers on the East coast are gorgeous! Perfect weather, pristine water, and the people know exactly what to do with fish. When you’re there you absolutely NEED to have a lobster roll. Who makes them better than Maine? Transport your girlfriends to New England with these classic Maine lobster rolls.