About Me

I was born in Santa Rosa, CA, but I wouldn’t say I was raised there. From my birth 'til age 14, I lived in more than 15 different places...all within a 100-mile radius of one another. My mom insisted on moving often and dragging me along was just part of my childhood adventure.

To give cohesiveness to YouGoGirl and my life (so that you get the full story), I have authored a memoir of my life experiences. All of which have given me a sense of discovery, unwavering positivity, and a need for human connection. I have turned these into the tools needed to build YGG for you. 

is a women's lifestyle brand designed to support women through travel and branded products. In a time when we realize how necessary relationships are, YGG inspires us to nurture our own girlfriendships...the very safety net that catches us when we fall, the shoulder when we need to cry, the strength when we need a boost, and the love when we need warmth. 

I have always been a server. I like to help. I guess that comes from being dragged all around and trying to please my mom. Now, it's my turn to do the dragging. I'd like to drag you through my adult life, take you on some life-changing trips, and offer you some amazing products. All in the name of friendship.

Please come along this adventure with me as I give you the tools to positively discover the need for girlfriend connection.