Some Dreams Really Do Come True

From the heart…

…Follow your dreams 

because many come true.

40 years ago today, May 12th, my dad Eddie London passed away at approximately 1am Pacific Standard Time. Last night, I woke up at 3:10am Central Standard Time with him on my mind. This same thing happened to me on this day in 1980 when I woke after a vivid dream of my dad repeatedly saying, “It will be okay”. However, it wasn’t until Monday afternoon when I was playing kickball at recess and was summoned to the school office, sent home, and my mom told me that he had died that the dream truly made sense to my 13 year old brain.
When I went back to school, Barb was the only one who had the courage to speak her condolences. I actually didn’t know her very well—we only had one class together. She was tough and always intimidated me, but that day I saw her warm heart and my intimidation faded.
Mom and Dad were separated by the time I was ten. Dad stayed in Santa Rosa because he liked the kidney dialysis unit better than the one in Sacramento where Mom chose to live. Dad’s death certificate reads “Abscess Of Pericardium and Mediastinum With Terminal Bacterium.” My best translation, and what I have been told, is that because of renal failure, the sack that held his heart filled with fluid and suffocated it.
It was a turning point for me when I went back to school after my father’s death and the tough, intimidating girl reached out. Through Barb, I experienced the power of approaching life from a warm, loving place.  And it is how I’ve tried to approach my every day.
Once Dad passed, I gravitated towards the solidity of my girlfriend’s families. I craved normalcy because it didn’t really exist in my own home. My mom worked a lot. She also brought home guys on occasion, and it always made me sick to my stomach. So, I just chose to be elsewhere. I created my family through my friends’.  I began my lifelong activity of acquiring what I know now as girlfriendships.
A long ago dream and last night’s experience reminds me that everything is, and will be okay. I have trusted Dad’s words all of these 40 years—and I always will.


I love that you were with me today! See you tomorrow!


Lisa A.K.A. Loopie

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