Sunny Days and Building Girlfriendships


From the heart…

…Don't forget your sunscreen


More than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour (
Remember those tanning products by Thermos called Even Up? They had a pad that was bendable in three different parts—looked kinda like padded aluminum foil—and you held it just under your neck to reflect the sun? Or, they had the full Sun Tanning Blanket so you could get that all over, even tan (at least on side of your body.) Oh! And don’t forget about the baby oil to attract even more rays. Even Up was a necessary accessory for me and my girlfriends. After all, we were living in Sacramento, ranked #7 for “U.S. Cities with the sunniest days”. I did draw the line at slathering baby oil on my face though. I didn’t want to break out!
Back then we did anything for a tan. There were even days when Cathy and I would drive two hours north to lay on the beach at Lake Tahoe just to get that high altitude tan…if there was such a thing. Most of the time though I was at Sydney’s house, a friend I met in 6th grade. She had the coolest parents around. When we were older, they would let me lay in their pool all day long even though Sydney was at work. I loved being there with them rather than the hot, smoky duplex I lived in.
Even though I now live in Minnesota where it’s definitely not ranked high for sunny days, no more Even Up for me. Today I’m paying big bucks for peels, microdermabrasion, and high-end skin care products, just to make me look like I did when I was at the age when I was hanging out by Sydney’s pool.

I love that you were with me today. See you tomorrow!
Lisa A.K.A. Loopie
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