Oh--hi there, girl! Let's go to Ojai!

Oh—hi there, girl! Let’s go to Ojai!

Ojai (pronounced oh-HI, hence the title of this blog), is known as a spiritual oasis in southern California. If you’re looking for an experience that will beautifully connect you to the simpler things, this is your destination. Ojai is filled with things like small farms, vineyards, walking and hiking trails, farm-to-table restaurants, natural hot springs, and bohemian-style shops. And, as I learned during my own girls weekend in 2018, there’s plenty more for you and your girls to explore. 


Prior to coming out for my weekend with Sydney, Mallory, and Charlie, I checked all of the events that were in and around Santa Barbara and found the Lavender Festival in Ojai. What luck! As you know from reading my blog about lavender, I love the plant and all it produces. So on Saturday, we packed up the jeep that I rented from Turo and we were on our way to the festival.  


We drove up and down winding mountain sides, sometimes having to go so slowly because the roads were so narrow. We pulled into Downtown Ojai, got out of the jeep and the first thing I noticed was that Ojai was hot!  Because it’s over the mountains from the ocean, it doesn’t get that breeze like the coastal towns. But it’s exactly what I love. That dry desert heat is just right for me. 


There were people everywhere. The park was filled with tent after tent of vendors selling their wares. Jewelry, clothing, artwork, and everything lavender— soap, candles, body oils, lotions, and even ice cream! The scent of this beautiful purple plant could be smelled for miles away. It was so calming and fresh.


Really. Consider Ojai for your next weekend trip. It’s magnificent. Another great destination is  the Rose Valley Falls Trail where, after a scenic hike, you can cool off in the falls. 


Whatever you choose to do in Ojai, I can attest that you may just find out more about yourself and your girls than you may have known before.



What to Do

  • Enjoy the sensual experience of the Lavender Festival  (check the dates because they do fluctuate.) Not only is it a beautiful place to spend a day, the aroma creates a tranquil, calming atmosphere that wraps itself around all who visit.
  • Ojai Olive Oil is a great place to stop in for a sample or bottle of infused olive oils
  • Taste the vineyard at Topa Mountain Winery


Where to Stay

  • Casa Ojai Inn is an eco-friendly establishment that offers complimentary continental breakfast, jeep tours, golf, fishing, olive oil facility tour, salt water pool and Jacuzzi, plus all the other amenities you need to feel transformed.
  • Ojai Valley Inn offers luxury lodging with an abundance of activities to suit every energy level. Might you have an apiarist (it’s just a fancy word for beekeeper. I had to look it up.)  in your group? This is your place. Ojai Valley Inn has a resident apiarist, and guests can learn all about the life of the extraordinary honeybee and sample local, raw honey.

Photo source: https://unsplash.com/photos/lIuxlN0zSjs, https://unsplash.com/photos/xnJEfRm5pcs
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