Enjoy a Relaxing Girls Weekend in Lyme, CT

Lyme, CT

For seven years, Pete, the kids and I lived in Connecticut. You could say Lex and Kole were partially raised there. It’s funny, when you live somewhere, it’s easy to take all that it has to offer for granted. I’d like to think that we did a good job of exploring lots of restaurants and nearby towns, but there are so many hidden gems, especially in a state as beautiful as Connecticut. 

Some may know this, but the alleged birthplace of Lyme disease—or at least the first diagnosed case—was in Lyme, Connecticut. Along with beautiful forests and greenery also come these nasty little ticks carrying an awful disease. Luckily, there is plenty to do and see in Connecticut that doesn’t have to involve ticks. Take a trip to the east side of the state and relax at the Long Island Sound on the beach, tour historic landmarks and towns, or soak up the nightlife at Mohegan Sun. 

One of our favorite things about living in Connecticut was enjoying fresh seafood. Not to say that seafood in Minnesota isn’t good, but there is something so amazing about the abundant fresh fish in coastal restaurants! The best combination is to find a cute little hotel or bed and breakfast right on the water and watch the sunrise with a cup of tea or the sunset with some tequila, soda, and a lime, and of course your best girlfriends ;)



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