Contentment: It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re with

Just today we read a poll stating that Americans are most content in the fall, and it’s due in part to seeing the changing leaves. If we at My Girlfriendships® would’ve taken that poll, we would’ve added the all-important being on a girl’s weekend and seeing the changing leaves!


Oh—but then there’s taking in an Oktoberfest celebration, or weekending at our favorite football stadium, or sharing some fun recipes like eyeball deviled eggs, and spooky punch…. That pollster probably would’ve gotten a bit impatient waiting for us to decide on our final answer!

We know that when we’re with our girlfriends—no matter what we’re doing—we experience that contentment. Fall is just one of the many perfect times for doing that.

Let’s go! Text your besties, and then take that-oh-so-easy first step of planning by going to our website,, and selecting Book Your Trip. Tell us your travel style, and within 24 hours our expert Courtney will contact you to plan that girlfriend trip of whatever you and your crew think is autumn fun. 

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