Girls Weekend Travel Made Simple

You. Are. Going. To. Love our travel questionnaire. It’s our free service to you that makes planning a girl’s trip effortless. Just tell us about your travel style…

 …and you and your besties are 24 hours away from having Courtney of Bespoke Travel, LLC (the best of the best) plan your getaway. All you’ll need to do is focus on the fun!

If you’re like us, the option to Go shopping is a no-brainer. One reason is that we just happen to be in the state that’s home to the Mall of America (MOA) which is consistently ranked in the top of the 10 best shopping malls in the U.S. (and most cases it’s #1) by trusted web sources like USA Today, TripAdvisor, CNBC, and The Travel Channel.

Lodging @MOA couldn’t be simpler too! Radisson Blu and J.W. Marriot are attached to the mall, and there 50 hotels within a 10-minute drive—and most offer a free shuttle. 

Oh—and MOA during the holidays? Spectacular. 

Who’s in? Send a text to your besties, then book your trip to plan a girls’ holiday shopping getaway like you’ve never experienced.

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