Fall into place: how to navigate your landscape


“I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand.”

Although Leonardo da Vinci may not have understood, ladies, you will!


Do the questions you’ve been asking yourself for the past couple of years sound like: “Why do I feel sad? Will this world ever feel normal again? Has everything changed so much that I won’t laugh or cry the same as I used to? Ask no more…My Girlfriendships® has your answers. Why? Because when you question yourself, who do you turn to first? Yep, your best girlfriends. The ones who you count on when you suffer in pain and revel in joy.


It’s that time of year to enjoy the show that the beautiful colors of the landscape broadcasts for all who will watch. How appropriate in this season to go to an Oktoberfest or how ‘bout apple and pumpkin picking in your bulkiest sweater and knee-high boots with (spiked) hot apple cider in your hands. Can you just see yourself molding back into the “old you” while hanging out with your besties on the porch of your quaint VRBO admiring the changing colors? Yeah, we thought so. So, here’s what you do.


Book Your Trip to that gorgeous countryside that takes you back to reclaim who you are! What are you waiting for? DO NOT wait for another pandemic to make you realize that life is short and trip with your girlfriends needs to be taken. The places are endless for you and your girlfriends to enjoy such precious time together. Our expert, Courtney Norris at Bespoke Travel, will know exactly how to plan your trip…all the way down to if you really do like your apple cider spiked or not!


Come along with us as we give you back the normalcy that you thought you lost. Lose yourself in a girl’s trip and we will help you paint a beautiful picture of the countryside that also gave one of history’s greatest artists his inspiration.

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