Plan a Perfect New England Girls Weekend Destination

Bar Harbor, Maine...with a name like that, sign me up sista! It’s perfect if you are looking for a non-traditional girls weekend getaway that’s filled with charm. From the incredible hikes, lighthouses, and blueberry heaven, it’s easy to fall in love with Bar Harbor, Maine. Nearly every corner has a cute lobster shack, an adorable bed and breakfast, or charming mom and pop shop. Time in New England can make dreams come true. Plus, it’s super easy to go on many excursion options like whale watching, sailing, and lighthouse tours. 


A huge highlight of this area is Acadia National Park. The park offers something for everyone! Here are some of the must-dos: 

  • Go to Sand Beach
  • Drive the Loop (there are countless stops to park and explore the viewpoints)
  • Rent bikes
  • Eat at Jordans Pond (the only restaurant in the park一order the blueberry lemonade!)
  • Hike Cadillac Mountain. This is the most famous hike in the area. It’s tough, but worth it! There are many different routes to get there, so just do your research to see which path fits your level. Grab a bottle of blueberry wine and say cheers to the day’s end from the peak. 

Cadillac Mountain deserves a few more paragraphs because it is memorable no matter what time of day. If you want to leave the hiking shoes at home, there’s a road that you can take straight up to the top. I highly recommend this option to see the spectacular sunset. The park is open 24 hours a day so if you’re up for it, stay--or drive--there around 1:00 am for the most amazing star gazing!

For a taste of Maine right at home, check out Let’s Eat for How to Make a Maine Mojito and How to Make a Lobster Roll recipes!


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