Celebrating “Galentine’s” Day with Our Girlfriendships® Crew

A friend in college coined a term for our girlfriend crew: RoticRomantic without the man. Now we have our own day! Galentines Day. Any city you can imagine will have just what is needed for a Girlfriends night on the city to celebrate Galentines Day. What plans are you making with your girlfriend crew?


A few of our favorites include:


A Wine and Chocolate Night. Yes, we are always down with an evening of wine and chocolate. In fact, Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar, which also serves delectable meals in New York City, should satisfy every girls desire.


Paint and Sip Night. For those of us who are artistically adventurous, there is fun in abundance to be had at a Paint Bar studio. The one in Manchester, MA has painting themes for everyone. Add in the cocktails, wines, charcuterie boards and you have a ready-made Galentines celebration for great Girlfriendships fun.


Galentines Evening with the Girls. What about a theme party? Pajama party; mani-pedi party; karaoke party? Whatever the plans, its the perfect time to celebrate our girlfriends. Want a new take on a charcuterie board? Try this Hot Chocolateboardfor a warm Galentines Day treat! 


Have a favorite recipe that you like to make when traveling with your girlfriends? Or one that you make in the comfort of your own home? Send it to us with a high res picture of you and your girlfriends and you may find yourself in our upcoming cookbook.


What do you envision for your crew’s Galentine’s Day? What fun destination is on your bucket list to visit? Contact Courtney. She will take care of every detail for you. All you have to do is pack, go, and enjoy your Galentine’s Day girlfriends gathering!

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