Winter Desert Fun with Girlfriends

Late February is when the winter doldrums hit and it’s time to look for relief. What about a winter trip to the desert with your girlfriend crew?


A few of our favorites include:


  • Death Valley National Park - Have you been intrigued about the mysteries of Death Valley National Park? Winter is the perfect time to explore and it is an excellent place to view the night sky. Nights are so dark that the park is classified at the highest (Gold Tier) level by the International Dark-Sky Association; many celestial objects which can be viewed from Death Valley are not visible elsewhere in the world. Even more spectacular when visiting during a New Moon. During the day, Star Wars fans can take a self-guided Star Wars driving tour of locations where scenes from Episode IV - A New Hope and Episode V - Return of the Jedi. was filmed.


  • Sedona, Arizona - Exploring the magnificent red rocks or visit one of the many spas. Sedona also has many amazing trails that along rivers that go into the wilderness, and lead to spectacular views. A winter vacation is one of the best times for a hike as temperatures are perfect for winter exercising. For more on Sedona happenings, check out our blog.


  • Emerald Cave Kayaking - Named for the beautiful emerald green color of the water, this hidden gem is along the Colorado River. The guided tour takes you by kayak 5 miles (3 hours) through the Black Canyon along the Colorado River where you will see the lovely the desert landscape until reaching the beautiful Emerald Cave. What a gorgeous break from winter white and cold.


Have a favorite recipe that you like to make when traveling with your girlfriends? Or one that you make in the comfort of your own home? Send it to us with a high res picture of you and your girlfriends and you may find yourself in our upcoming cookbook.


What do you envision for your crew’s Winter Desert getaway? What fun destination is on your bucket list to visit? Contact Courtney. She will take care of every detail for you. All you have to do is pack, go, and enjoy your Winter Desert getaway girlfriends gathering!


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