Walkin’ and Playin’ in a Winter Wonderland!

When thinking Winter, so many of us who are athletically inclined tend to think mountains and skiing. However, there are so many more winter activities. The country side has fun for all such as sleigh riding, ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hiking and much more Girlfriendship® Crew fun.


A few of our favorites include:


Lantern Light Sleigh Ride - Lake Clear Lodge and Retreat has the only lantern-lit sleigh rides in the Adirondacks.Journey over trails to the shores of Lake Clear on a beautiful wooden sleigh through the Lodge's kerosene lantern-lit wooded trails. Imagining you and your girlfriends going back to Prohibition when they transported both people and the "spirits" of the woods via sleigh.


Snowmobiling - With over 450 miles to explore through the most breathtaking scenery in Minnesota, Cook County is the spot for winter snowmobiling with your girlfriends crew.


Dog Sledding in Alaska - Alaska seems to be on everyones bucket list these days. What great girlfriend fun Dog sledding would be! Alaskan Huskies while mushing on an alpine snowfieldpure Alaskan fun.


Big Sky Resort - We cant leave out skiing. Montanas nickname is Big Sky for a reason. The sky seems to never end. Views are spectacular and made even more so while skiing the mountains there.


Speaking of Montana, take a look at this stick to your ribscomfort recipe for Montana Cowgirl Casserole. Have a favorite recipe that you like to make when traveling with your girlfriends? Or one that you make in the comfort of your own home? Send it to us with a high res picture of you and your girlfriends and you may find yourself in our upcoming cookbook.


What do you like to do at your favorite winter spot? What winter destination is on your bucket list to visit? Contact Courtney. She will take care of every detail for you. All you have to do is pack, go, and enjoy your Winter Wonderland girlfriends gathering!

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