All You Need is a Campsite and Good Company

From the heart...
All you need is a campsite and good company...


I just went through the big D—and I don’t mean divorce. Dallas! It’s a great city, but crazy drivers. Beware! I also went through the Big H for that matter and that one stands for Houston. Drivers were a bit better, but not by much. Texas is a great state filled with incredible restaurants, so many things to do, and kind people wherever you go. You should visit it at least once in your lifetime! 

My husband and I are currently on a three week RV trip. Wow! It has been a blast, but I can’t help but think how fun this trip would be with my girlfriends. No one in specific, just girlfriends. Just us chicks, laughing together in a small space, feeling like we are big, bad truckers as we drive the miles to our destination, taking turns cleaning the RV, switching positions at the wheel, and riding shotgun to keep the driver awake and laughing—oh the fun could be endless. Would you decorate the inside of your RV? My husband doesn’t really have an eye for decor, so I opted out this trip, but I would love to glam up the inside when I go with my girls. 

Pete and I specifically came to Dallas because the church we have been attending (online) for the last eight years is in a suburb called Highland Park, right next to the Southern Methodist University campus. We have been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time. Reverend Paul Rassmussen, the senior pastor, did not disappoint. After the service, he graciously spent some time with us. Afterwards our hearts were full, and the entire experience left a very sweet taste in our mouths for Texas.

We started this journey on November 24th when we left Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with our kids in Nebraska. From there, we rented a 25 foot Winnebago Spirit and hopped on the road December 1st. Now let me tell you, this vehicle is a beauty as far as beauties in the RV world go. OK wait, maybe not so much. It rattles, sways in the wind, and is pretty tight with a 6’3”, 240 pound guy in your same space. The bathroom is a bit small, and the bed has put somewhat of a knot in my back. But who’s complaining?!

Our trip is part intentional/strategic and part whimsical/carefree. Here are our stops:

  • Kansas CIty, MO
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Dallas, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Covington, LA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • St. Petersburg, FL
  • Sarasota, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Nashville, TN 
  • Columbus, OH

We have seen a lot! If you haven’t travelled like this before, you should try it. Some of the greatest places are the ones we stumbled upon by chance. I know this isn’t one of the Let’s Go or the Let’s Eat blog pages, but I have to talk about a couple of my favorites here because I want you girls to hear my story in one page. 

Forgive me for not including everything. I am only going to give you a couple of the highlights. To start: Javier’s has the best Mexican food in Highland Park! Also in Highland Park is Bird Bakery with the most amazing sweets: cupcakes, brownies, cookies, but also sandwiches, coffee, and tea. I bought an awesome barn door for our new pantry in New Orleans at Ricca’s Architectural Sales for all of you shabby chic antiquers out there. 

Wait for it—my favorite fun place was Turtle Beach Campground. Word on the “gravel driveway” is that it is one of the nicest RV parks in the nation. It sits right on the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, FL. Now here’s the kicker—after we were there for a day, a bunch of these incredibly cute little trailers started pulling in one by one. Driven by women! Yes, you heard me, cute, adorable trailers being driven by women. 

So one of these women, Jen, parks in the labeled spot right next to us, backs her truck and smaller trailer in and pitches a tent. Pete makes nice with her first, and comes in to tell me about her and how she is part of a women's group, etc. Subsequently, I go flying out of the aluminum RV screen door to introduce myself and get her story. Turns out, she is part of a group of women called Sisters on the Fly. You can also find them here. Apparently these cute gals started as a fly fishing group, hence the “fly”, and are now a traveling group of women in RVs, trailers, and the like. 

The adorable pic below was the cutest trailer in the park, owned by Trish Badgett. Decorated appropriately for the season, inhabited by what looked to be a mother/daughter combination. Please also adore the pic of the sunset below that you will find just 200 yards from where our particular spot #10 was in the park. It is unbelievable.

The moral to the story is this. Being adventurous can be a really good thing. In a time when so many women are social distancing in their homes and missing their friends, this is a great way to be cautious while also being wise by staying connected to one another. Even though I’m speaking from an RV experience with my husband, I am encouraged to make a similar trek with my besties! 

Happy camping! 

I love that you were with me today. See you next week (when I put out the green piece of construction paper!






Trish Badgett’s trailer!



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