Another Show to Make Us All Wiser


From the heart…
…Dead to me.


When the craziness of COVID-19 crisis started, it was necessary to find entertainment within our homes. The new normal for so many of us was to wake up and exercise early in the morning, clean out closets and drawers during the day, sit down for a family dinner, then gather around the TV to start a new Netflix series at night. How often did you ask your friends for a recommendation? ”Watch anything good lately?” 

Our daughter, Lex, who lives 500 miles away, strongly recommended “Tiger King”. My husband and I watched the first episode and said “No freakin' way!” I immediately put that one in my “Shows that Make you Stupider” category. Seriously, I can’t watch crap like that. My brain turns to mush. Afterwards, I can’t speak with any fluidity. I jumble my words. My reactions are delayed. I usually have an immediate headache. I know, I know most of you thought it was hilarious, ridiculous, crazy...yeah, yeah, yeah all that. It simply was not for me. 

Then there’s  “Dead to Me”. Now that is a completely different story. I love this one! I immediately identified with the two lead characters, seeing a little of me in both of them. I have laughed and cried. When a show can pull out those two emotions from this tough egg (or so I think), it goes in my “Shows that Make You Smarter” category. 

I won’t give away the plot twists and turns, but I will say that an unlikely pair of women have a very interesting relationship throughout the entire series. As a viewer, it’s difficult to know what the next scene holds. I like that. That tells me the writers are creative, gifted and original. I think we can do that too and be writers of our own stories. We possess the talent to make people laugh, cry, and all the other emotions a good series releases in us.  

At times, I think my story could be a Netflix series. They’ve added millions of new subscribers during this pandemic, now might be the perfect time for me! My life has lots of twists and turns and my relationships can be unpredictable. My life has gone from peanut butter to caviar and the in-between is meaty. My girlfriendships have, at times, paralleled the characters in “Dead to Me”. So why not just write a great script and have another show to make us all wiser while we wait out this virus and enjoy our time at home?

I say this partly in jest, but am somewhat serious. It has always been a dream of mine to tell my story. I think I could make people laugh, cry, and ultimately learn from my life experiences. I also believe it would fit into the “Shows that make you smarter” category. Wait! Then that would put me in the “creative, gifted, and original” category of writing! Hmmm- I better take a bit more time to hone my craft. 

I love that you were with me today. See you tomorrow!


Lisa A.K.A. Loopie

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