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Ever been to Texas for a girls weekend? It has plenty to do and see (after all, it is the second largest state.) Two of my favorite destinations are San Antonio and Austin. (Truth is, wherever you visit, Texas will be a hoot! Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

I’ll start with San Antonio. A friend of a friend went there two years ago and had a blast. Her group considers themselves foodies, so they chose it for its eclectic restaurant scene. Here are some other ideas for your own girlfriend getaway to San Antonio: 

What to Do

  • The RiverWalk, San Antonio | The RiverWalk is the #1 attraction in Texas. It’s a 15 mile “path” along the San Antonio that offers almost anything you can imagine, trom Oyster Bars to ghost tours to boat tours to SeaWorld to The Aztec Theatre. There will be something for everyone in your group at the RiverWalk in San Antonio! 


  • Botanical Gardens, San Antonio | San Antonio’s Botanical Gardens are nationally-recognized as a top attraction. The group was there in the summer, but these gorgeous botanical gardens are open year ‘round. The site is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet still offers plenty of fun events and exhibitions. They chose to take a leisurely stroll through the gardens on their own, and came back with some incredible pictures. 

Where to Stay

  • The Hotel Emma, San Antonio | If The RiverWalk is your destination, consider staying at The Hotel Emma. It is an extraordinary, authentic and very welcoming waterfront hotel. It’s the perfect place to stay; it’s the backdrop for wonderful social experiences, genuine culture, insider knowledge and unique surprises.  Its three restaurants feature delicious cuisine: Supper which features American bistro, Larder the gourmet deli, and Sternewirth, the city bar! 

  • Cozy Downtown Historic Casa Verde, San Antonio | Just a mile-and-a-half from the river is a beautiful Airbnb features one bedroom, one bathroom and one sofa bed. The location is prime in Historic Lavaca! It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Antonio and also the closest neighborhood to downtown San Antonio! The condo is walking distance from downtown. You will absolutely not need a car while you’re here! Kick back and enjoy the brand-new, modern furniture in the Cozy Casa Verde with your girlfriends! 

Another great girls weekend spot is Austin. Not only is it the state’s capital, but it has 6th Street! Live music. Bars. Live music. Bars. Live music in the bars. Bars with live music. Sometimes referred to as the drunkest city in America. Sensing a theme? If you and your girls want a place with some hoppin’ nightlife, choose Austin!

What to Do

  • The White Horse, Austin | The White Horse serves up delicious “Bomb” tacos every day from 6 to 10 PM— but that’s not the best part. The White Horse is on Sixth Street, which means it’s one of what seems like a million places to listen to amazing live music. Bluegrass. Country. Honky tonk. You and your besties are sure to experience some of the finest at the White Horse. 

  • Iconic murals, street art, and graffiti | If you go to Austin, make sure to free up plenty of space on your phone for all the pictures you and your friends will take. The city is known for its colorful and funky murals dotted throughout the city. Amongst the murals you and your girlfriends will love are: I Love You So Much on South Congress Ave, and You’re My Butter Half on East Martin Luther King Boulevard. In fact, we’d love it if you’d send us your shots. Email them to, okay?


Where to Stay

  • The Driskill, Austin | For more than a century The Driskill has been an iconic spot in the heart of downtown. This hotel is beautiful and definitely Insta-worthy, but did I mention it might be haunted? There are plenty of famous stories that insinuate that this century-old building is haunted. Stay here, and you and your girlfriends will be in for the thrill of Austin, and the thrill of The Driskill!

  • Clay Casa North, Austin | This chic and spacious Airbandb can host you and five of your besties. It has two bedrooms, three beds and 1.5 baths. It’s newly remodeled and is easy to access. This is the perfect place to relax, cook up a meal, or even access the condo’s shared pool! It is a great spot for y’alls to eat, sleep, and unwind.





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