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As I shared in Wednesday’s blog, one of my favorite things about Charleston is their traditional southern cooking. Now that fall is upon us, I LOVE to make homemade soup on these crisp days. What a simple meal to make when you are away with your girlfriends. You can make a big pot of it for the weekend and then just grab a cup and sit together cozied up by a fire all weekend long. WOW…just the thought of that image has me lighting a fire!  

Have you tried out that She-Crab soup recipe yet? If you have, message us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook what you think of it! 

This town is so quaint and right on the water. Plenty of fun shopping and beach time for the perfect girls weekend!  Another thing I love about Charleston is how there are gorgeous places where you can just stroll around and breathe in the natural beauty. You must visit Charleston solely for the sake of seeing them. Nothing huge that you need to prep for or be energized enough to handle— just incredible sites (that are also the perfect backdrop to a killer Instagram post or story or on our reviews page!) Here are three of them:

  • Rainbow Row is what people call this series of thirteen, colorful, historic dwellings that represent the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the United States. Restored in the 1930s and 40s, they were painted pretty pastel colors so that when you look at them all together, you see the colorful spectrum of a rainbow. These houses are located on East Bay Street, addresses 79 to 107. 


  • Angel Oak is known for being one of the largest oak trees east of the Mississippi River. It currently stands at a whopping  65 feet tall, and 28 feet in circumference. (Sheesh, imagine climbing that bad boy!) Those who have studied the tree believe it to be around 400-500 years old.



  • And finally, the site that Charleston is probably best known for: Magnolia Plantation! It was selected as one of America’s Most Beautiful Gardens, and is one of the oldest public gardens in the country. It has over 300 years of family history to it, and you can feel it once you stroll the grounds! See for yourself how stunning it is.

I don’t know about you, but I truly love to cook, so renting a place with a kitchen when I’m on a girls weekend, is my preference. However, if you’re screaming at me, NO WAY!” through your computer screen because you want a break from the kitchen, I not only found a cute rentable home, but a couple of killer hotels as well. You seriously, cannot go wrong with staying at any of these places. 

The “Close to Folly Beach and 6 minutes from Charleston Center” is the cutest home. Situated on a quiet pond, It looks like it has the southern charm that will take any girl's mind off the busy city for a weekend. It sleeps six, which is perfect for your pajama party, and for my taste (ha no pun intended) it has a nice sized kitchen for someone who likes to cook to prepare meals AND cocktails. 

If your girl's weekend is better spent in a hotel, these two may be for you and your girlfriends. If you're taking our advice to visit Rainbow Row, you might consider the beautiful Vendue Hotel. It’s quaint, a bit contemporary, clean, and a view of the water. Their lounge area looks very cozy and the dining options allow you to wear anything from flip flops to high heels. (I prefer jeans, boots, and a sweater at this time of year). 

Our second suggestion, but not necessarily our second choice, is the historic Belmond Charleston Place. Talk about Southern class! This place looks exquisite. Watch the gallery loop on their home page and you will be convinced that this place might be just right for you and your chicks. 

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