Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

From the heart...
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" 
~Thomas Jefferson

I’m not one to talk politics. They always seem to have too much drama, and it’s difficult to discern between what’s true and what’s false. This last presidential election is a good example of both. 

So with the My Girlfriendships blog focusing on Washington D.C. this week, I had to find a way to avoid the inevitable political angle. I really struggled— until I re-read Thomas Jefferson’s 244 year old quote and decided to apply its meaning to the fellowship of girlfriendships.


They are our life in many ways. I love to think of my life with my girlfriends as a warm, sunny day where everything in the world is right. We smell the fresh air together. Our smiles genuinely exude a contentment that lets everyone around know us know that we share a special bond. Health shines through our eyes. Our laughter is infectious to the point where in public, everyone turns their head to see what all the noise is about. We cry together—sometimes out of happiness and sometimes out of pain. We are deeply enveloped in each other’s lives, and as girlfriends we are grateful to be able to share such a connection.

The liberty we experience when we are with one another is intoxicating (did someone say tequila?) Think back to the times that you’ve shared with your friends. You follow a different set of rules (or maybe none at all) when you’re together. You are free to do as you choose without constraints (except when with that one girlfriend who always needs to act like a mom). You freely speak your minds about whichever topic we choose. For me, it has also become reassuring that I can speak my mind and I have an authentic listener. One who may or may not agree with my opinion, but appreciates me just the same. 

The pursuit of happiness has taken me a lifetime to find, and I am finding new happiness each day. I suspect my journey will not be over until I take my last breath. I am not the perfect friend, but I have found that my girlfriends, the ones who have walked by my side for many years or even just a few, aren’t looking for perfection. They are looking for happiness in a friendship. A girlfriendship. It takes a lot of effort to pursue what makes you happy. 

So for those of you out there who are discouraged about the state of our political affairs whether Republican, Democrat, or other—consider this. We as girlfriends are made up of many different opinions, races, religions, beliefs, sizes, ages, and temperaments. Embrace the differences. Respect the diversity. Honor the contrast. Most of all—support the love! 

I love that you were with me today. See you tomorrow!




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