Calling All Girlfriends: Kentucky, Here We Come!

Ever been to Kentucky? True, there’s horse racing, chicken, and KFC’s iconic Colonel Sanders, but there’s so much more!  Bourbon (there are more barrels of the liquid than there are Kentuckians in the state!), bluegrass music, moonshine, tobacco, college basketball, ghosts, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and Fort Knox (where there’s over $180.1 billion in gold bullion stored). And remember this fun fact: KY is Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. It’s true! Our 16th president was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky (not Illinois).

All great reasons why we at My Girlfriendships® think KY is a perfect place to spend time with your besties. Let’s go to Louisville (a no brainer) and Bardstown, shall we?


If it’s Spring, you need to go to Louisville. It’s not only the state’s largest city, it’s home to the Kentucky Derby. 

What to Do in Louisville

  • Kentucky Derby Museum  |  If my grandma could’ve, I think she would’ve made the Kentucky Derby a national holiday—she lived for that race. I also think she would’ve loved this museum too. Since she’s no longer with me, maybe I’ll get my girlfriends to join me, order the Derby Sunrise Breakfast, see “The Greatest Race” (its signature movie), then move to the Churchill Downs rooftop to watch those world-famous racers work out. 



  • Louisville Ghost Tours  |  The spookiness begins at 7:30 every night between April 15 and November 15. It’s a 90 minute walk guided by award-winning narrators who give you and your girls the “dishiest dish” about the ghosts lurking in the particular mansion, church, park, or street corner you pass. (If you go, look for me. I’ll be the one clinging to the side of my friend Debbie, my head buried in her shoulder.)

Where to Stay in Louisville

  • The Galt House Hotel, Louisville  |  The Galt House Hotel is a legendary centerpiece of Louisville that’s also located on the waterfront—making this stay even better. The central location of the hotel means you have easy access to the city. Guests have described it as exciting and contemporary...sounds like the place for us, doesn’t it?  

  • The Lemon Drop in St. Matthews, Louisville  |  This Airbnb is described as cozy (it sleeps 6) and chic, tucked away in the cute neighborhood of St. Matthews. We think it’s ideal because it’s “away from it all”, yet close enough to nightlife and downtown. You’ll love it here! 




Looking for more of a relaxed vibe? Head to Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World! 

What to Do in Bardstown

  • Around the Town Carriage, Bardstown  |  On any Monday through Sunday you and your friends can take a slow-paced, horse-drawn ride to see the sites of the historic downtown. Your only decision will be if you want to be in a carriage, buggy, or stagecoach! You and your girlfriends will love this unique adventure. 

  • Bardstown Farmers Market, Bardstown  If you’ve been following My Girlfriendships, you know we’re going to a farmers market during our getaways. We love that no matter where we are, we’re going to meet vendors unique to that specific city! The Bardstown Farmers Market has 30+ local vendors where girls groups could grab cheese and jelly for a pre-happy hour charcuterie board, or eggs and fruit for a home-cooked breakfast at the Airbnb. 


Where to Stay in Bardstown

  • Hampton Inn, Bardstown  |  This hotel is located right on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. It’s only 35 minutes from Louisville Airport and only two miles from historic downtown Bardstown. The hotel is very “plain Jane”, but it has all the amenities you’ll need for your girl’s weekend. Pack a swimsuit because there’s a pool! Oh don’t forget to! 

  • Bourbon Manor Bed and Breakfast, Bardstown  |  The Bourbon Capital of the World absolutely needs to have the first bourbon-themed bed and breakfast in the United States, don't they?  Well, this is it! The B&B rooms are spirit-themed and antique-appointed. Each morning the owners serve up an award-winning bourbon-themed breakfast. Another plus? The on-site spa! This B&B is an awesome stay for your gals. 



From the Kentucky Derby to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, there’s much fun to be had in this southeastern state. Whether you make it to Louisville, Bardstown, or anywhere in between, you and your girlfriends will love Kentucky. 





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