The Only Remedy for Snow is Plenty of Salt and Sand!

The Only Remedy for Snow is Plenty of Salt and Sand! 

Not all of you live in a place where it gets cold and snowy like I do. That’s why, when I’m planning a vacation away with my girlfriends, I will always suggest somewhere with high temps, no clouds (remember this story?), water, and sandy beaches (HTWSBs). I find it so calming to take off my shoes and press my feet into that natural exfoliator. As I walk along, I can feel it wear away the torture my feet get from the frigid, dry winter air. 

That’s why this blog features my favorite HTWSB get-aways. Call your besties right now. Choose which of these get-aways from Loopie’s (that’s me) List of Waterfront Wonders you’ll visit. Pack up your sundresses and flip flops and go! Your feet will thank you. 

Where to Stay on your HTWSB girls weekend:

I was lucky because I grew up close to Bodega Bay. I spent many-a-weekend exploring the beaches and visiting the shops. Now that I’m a little older and much more respectful of nature (did you read this? I am still mortified!), I appreciate this location for more than just the saltwater taffy and starfish. This lodge offers so many choices for fun: Vineyards. SBs. Farms. Exceptional restaurants. SBs. Golf courses. Spas. Wait. Did I mention SBs?

Talk about the ultimate in HTWSB! I am always awe-struck by this beautiful location.  The sun? Always shining. The water? Turquoise blue. Beaches? Seemingly endless white sand.


Okay, this one doesn’t have the SB, but it’s still high on my list because it’s on the water and it’s always been hot and sunny. No matter in which room I’ve stayed, I’ve had a fantastic view of something interesting about Austin. Add in the calming decor and simple amenities like a plush robe and 24 hour room service, this hotel does not disappoint. 

True, this one is in MN, and I was just telling you how I will always suggest somewhere where I can get away from the cold. Grand View is an exception. If you and your girls are looking for a comfortable and relaxing get away in the summer, Grand View has plenty of HTWSBs plus privacy, scenic views, and convenience.

 Photo Credit: Ashley Belanger


This is #1 on my List of Waterfront Wonders. Nothing I write here can possibly describe the feeling I get when staying at this resort. 16 acres of rolling lawns and lush landscaping on one side, the power of the Pacific Ocean on the other, and the sun above. HTWSB at its very best. 


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