Sun and Sand before Waving Summer Goodbye

“The beach is the answer no matter what the question is.” Unknown

If you are like many of us here at My Girlfriendships®, you aren’t quite ready to let go of the heat of summer and embrace the cold. We have the perfect solution for all of us “Sand between our toes” girlfriends: a Fall beach vacation!

Yes, the brilliant colors of fall, the smells of autumn: hot apple cider, hot chocolate, leaves burning, are so enticing but, gathering our girlfriends for the draw of the warmth of the sun, sand between our toes, and soothing sounds of ocean waves making summertime memories just one more time this year is more than we can resist. 

What is your favorite beach? What beach is on your bucket list? The Caribbean? Southern California? Or something more exotic like The Maldives? 

No matter where your bucket list takes you, click here to Book Your Trip to your next beach vacation; a quick girlfriendships trip to wring the last vestige of summer before embracing the coming cold and snow.

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