Pour Up This Colorado Bulldog Cocktail

Colorado Bulldog Cocktail

If I’m out with Charlie, I always know when our night is over because she will order a Colorado Bulldog. Over our 40 year friendship, I’ve noticed that it’s become her signature, last call cocktail. So last Thursday during our weekly virtual happy hour, I showed her that I remembered by mixing up my own Colorado Bulldog. I slowly sipped it as she laughed, and we all said our goodbyes with promises to “see” each other next week.

Ever had a Colorado Bulldog? It’s like a White Russian, but the Bulldog is finished off with equal amounts of cream and cola, instead of just cream. The cola adds a nice flavor, and makes a creamy drink a little less creamy. Give it a try!

Ingredients for 1 cocktail | Multiply by degree of thirst and divide by number of girlfriends!

1 ounce vodka

1 ounce​ coffee liqueur*

2​ ounces ​cream (or milk)

2​ ounces ​cola

Step 1

Fill an old fashioned glass with ice.

Step 2

Pour in the vodka, and follow with the coffee liqueur*.

Step 3

Fill glass with equal amounts of cream (or milk) and cola.

Step 4

Stir well.

Step 5 


*The recipe suggests that the vodka and coffee liqueur are equal pours in this recipe. You may be used to a 2:1 ratio in your White Russian, but give this one a try. It brings in a nice boost to the coffee flavor. 

Recipe and photo source: https://www.thespruceeats.com/colorado-bulldog-cocktail-761032

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