Pink® Jeep® Tour Awaits Your Trek

Pink® Jeep® Tour Awaits Your Trek


Usually our Let’s Go blogs have focused on great destinations, but this one is a little different. Today it’s all about the wheels you choose when you get there!

Are you and your girls planning a getaway to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Nashville, or Sedona? If so, you HAVE to check out one of the best ways to traverse the scenic land: a super fun, well equipped, safe Jeep. And I don’t know about you girls, but if I’m going on a jeep tour with my girlfriends, I want the jeep to be PINK. How fun!


Pink Jeep has been taking people on tours since 1960, and is still going strong. They can take travelers on U.S terrain that many would never be able to see without the rugged frame of the jeep, its four wheels and a dedicated, trained tour guide. Sound like your jam? Check out this fun video.


What To Do (this is easy)


  • Choose your location: Sedona | Las Vegas | Smoky Mountains | Grand Canyon
  • Rent a Jeep from Pink Jeep Tours  

Where To Eat

There are many places to eat in all four of these cities, but our vote is to pack a lunch and dine somewhere your Pink Jeep tour takes you. As I wrote a few weeks back, it’s always more authentic to be able to sit peacefully on the land with a homemade meal.


Where To Stay

Well, there are always a bunch of fun places to stay, but since this is about Pink Jeep, here are our trusted go-to’s for lodging.


Wherever you go, be sure to take lots of pics! We at My Girlfriendships want you to share your adventure with us and the other women we reach. All of us will benefit from your experience. We’re building our reviews page now, so gather your content. We’ll send an alert when it’s live. 

Happy Jeeping! 

Photos: Unsplash

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