Massachusetts = Fun + Girlfriends (+ those We Wish We Could Invite)!

After a week exploring the beauty of Maryland, My Girlfriendships® ventures back to New England. Are you still trying to figure out the six New England States? Here’s another: Massachusetts. Why do we think MA is a great destination for your next girlfriendships® getaway? 

Three reasons: 

  1. It's home to some incredible women (past and present) whom we would love to have in our crew. Click any of these names for their brief story. We sure would have a lot to gab about, wouldn’t we? 

Abigail Adams

Hetty Green

Susan B. Anthony

Amy Poehler

Emily Dickinson

Megan Trainor

Anne Sullivan

Ellen Pompeo

Nancy Kerrigan*

Francis Perkins

Eliza Dushku

Jane Curtain

Clara Barton

Bette Davis

Uma Thurman

Louisa May Alcott 

*Indulge us on including a figure skater for a girlfriend. Some of us at My Girlfriendships are slightly obsessed with the sport. 

  1. Boston, one of the oldest municipalities in the United States. It’s the perfect blend of historical and contemporary 
  2. Springfield, an original among 25 others 


Ahhhh, Boston. We love it for its unique way of preserving its history (think Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, Fenway Park), while keeping pace with change. Its exceptional public transit, extensive bike paths, and respect for the arts will delight anyone in your crew. Here are our suggestions for just two fun activities:

What to Do

  • Samuel Adams Boston Brewery  |  Knowing where the best breweries are means you will always have a place to stop and talk about all you experienced during the day. Samuel Adams Boston Brewery is one of our favorites, not only because it's the original home of the Sam Adams, but it’s also a research and development brewhouse...and you know how much we here at My Girlfriendships love to learn new things! 


  • Off the Eaten Tours  |  Piacere l'arte di mangiare bene means “enjoy the art of eating well”, and that's what you'll do when you book this tour. Beginning and ending in the North Square (directly across the street from the Paul Revere House), you’ll have two-and-a-half hours of sights and culinary delights. Best come hungry. Here’s why:  
  • The best arancini outside of Sicily
  • Cheese and cured meats from Italy
  • Homemade pasta
    • Lobstah roll (we're in Boston, after all)
    • Wine tasting at an organic wine shop
    • The experience of caffe culture
    • Gelato
    • Artisan bread
  • Finally, take the cannoli! (For our girlfriend Godfather fans!)

  • Where to Stay

    When visiting a harbor like Boston, you must stay at a place near the water.

    • The Revere Hotel/Boston Commons  |  With a name like Revere, you know you’re in for lodging with not only local culture, but an independent spirit. If you want to stay downtown, and you identify with being adventurous and authentic, this is your place.  It’s steps from Boston's Theater District, Newbury Street, and Copley Square. 

    • Airbnb downtown/South End/Back Bay  |  It’s almost impossible to suggest only one short term rental in Boston—all those we looked at seemed ideal! We finally settled on this one. It’s in the center of Boston, just minutes from the subway, perfect for you and five of your besties. When they use words like “chic” and “sophisticated” and “picture perfect” to describe this place, we have to admit, it sounds like My Girlfriendships, right? Let’s book it!  


    Sure, there are 25 places in the U.S. named Springfield, but this one in MA is the original and serves as the inspiration for the 24 others. We believe that’s how you see you and your tribe, right? Your group is the inspiration for all the others?! 🙂

    Here are two suggestions for fun things to do in Springfield: 

    What to Do

    • The Titanic Museum  |  Imagine the opportunity to see, up-close (instead of only what they showed us in the 1997 film), a full collection of rare Titanic survivor artifacts, many donated by the survivors themselves. From the original blueprints, to a glimpse of life in each of the passenger classes, to stories about the ship’s brave officers and crew, you’ll leave with an entirely new perspective of that April 15th, 1912 disaster. 
    • The Basketball Hall of Fame  |  You know that we have some serious sports fans here on our My Girlfriendships crew. We’ve talked lots of football, some baseball, a touch of figure skating, and now we have the opportunity to include basketball. Springfield, known as “the city where basketball was born”, is the site of The Basketball Hall of Fame. You and your friends can wander over 40,000 square feet of basketball history and learn more about its 400 inductees. 


    Where to Stay

    • Naomi’s Inn  |  Naomi’s Inn is a B&B, and has a variety of individual suites. We chose it for you because it’s affordable, has exceptional service, and is conveniently located. The owners blended vintage and modern with updated amenities to make your stay comfortable.

    • Valentine Mansion  |  We suggest you just click the link there to read about this magnificent place—we can’t describe it any better than they have. Here are some highlights:
      • 18th century Colonial Revival Style mansion, on the National Registry of Historic Places 
      • 14 bedrooms, a number of sunrooms, patios, and a veranda with a full view of downtown
      • Foyer with Italian mosaic flooring
      • 10 uniquely handcrafted fireplaces with detailed mantles 


      Massachusetts. It's ideal for you and your girlfriends. Why not text them now with a simple, “Let’s go!”?

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