Learning to Quiet Judgement While Continuing to Love


From the heart…
What unites women?


My mom taught me a few things. By watching her, I learned that I didn’t want to be negative. My mom Edna was one of the most negative people I’ve known. If she were a cartoon character, she would have been drawn with a persistent black cloud over her head. She was also very dramatic. Too bad she wasn’t an actress because we would have been gazillionaires. Instead, she used her dramatic acting skills to turn the simplest thing into a major event. I am thankful to Edna for teaching me not to be negative or dramatic. Because of her, I despise both actions. 


Edna was also judgmental, and sadly, I can admit that this is one quality she did teach me. She had a “gift” where, within minutes of meeting someone, she could find that person’s faults, turn them into something toxic, and then, when they were out of earshot, spew her opinion to whoever would listen. Over the years I learned how to do this myself--and trust me, I learned from the very best. 


I am grateful I rejected her negativity. (I’m generally happy and I’m always looking for the light--you know--the sunny side of life.) I also despise drama. But judgement? Yep, I still have some in me. (Geez, I don’t really know you and I’m showing you my true colors. I guess it’s one way to make good use of my teaching degree. My intention is always to help others by learning from my stories.)  I can criticize my mom all day long, but at some point I need to look in the mirror. Yep, I lived in a toxic household, but I can only blame myself for being judgmental and whatever other unfavorable traits I may have. 


Still, despite my shortcomings, I have enduring and incredibly strong girlfriendships. These women know all about my judgmental side (and have at times experienced it), and yet they have stuck with me for all these years. Why? It is simple, pure love.


That is why I chose the tagline “It’s All About the Love.” for My Girlfriendships. Girlfriendships are all about the love. If you act with love towards someone, can you be in a constant state of judgement? My answer to this is no. So, I will continue to show love while I learn to quiet the judgement, and be the best friend I can be.


I love that you were with me today. Hope you come back soon!


Lisa A.K.A. Loopie

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