I Really Wish I Knew That... Lessons to Be Learned!

From the heart...
I Really Wish I Knew That!

I met Pete at one of the most optimum times of my life. Just two years prior, I was walking down the outdoor amphitheater aisle wearing a black satin cap and gown, receiving my bachelor’s degree from California State University at Chico. I was so proud to be the only college graduate in my family. Shortly thereafter, I started an accelerated teaching credential/masters degree program at National University. It was a small, private, expensive, accredited school that offered post graduate courses. No, I could not afford it.

Not only had I become an academic overachiever, I was also a workaholic. By day, I was a substitute teacher, teaching grades K-8. By night, I was a cocktail waitress at a high-end restaurant in the heart of the congressional district of California’s capital city, Sacramento. I was young, healthy, no responsibilities (except for myself), and living my best life. I thought I knew everything about everything!

Turning Point

One weekend night my friend Shannon forced me to take a break from my relentless study-work-study-work pace. It was on that night that my so-called “best life” was made even better because I was introduced to Pete, the greatest man alive. Not too long after I met this 6’2”, 240 pound, ex-NFL player, I realized that I hardly knew anything about anything. Pete never quite fit the stereotype of “dumb jock”. His intellect dominated my ignorance and it was so obvious. He was one of the smartest people I knew then, and continues to be one of the smartest people I know now. 

I remember one of our early conversations over dinner one night. I said, “I really wish I knew more about life.” With his piercing dark brown eyes, he replied, “Stay with me for a while and you will know all that you want to know.” At the time, his response to me was comical. But after all these years, I realize his statement was genuine. Pete has taught me how to carefully observe and intelligently analyze situations, decisions, and acquaintances, as well as how to prudently problem solve. 

Another Turning Point 

Being with Pete has brought me much more clarity and wisdom, but I still don’t know everything there is to know. How do I know that? Because a few weeks ago I was talking with Aileen, strategizing on the blog. (Aileen recently joined our team at My Girlfriendships and we are thrilled to have her. Read a little bit about her here). She excitedly launched into an incredible story about how she and her husband, Joe, went to Chincoteague, VA for their 28th wedding anniversary. “Oh the history behind the town and the pony swim”, she raved. I don’t think she ever took a breath! 

I’m listening to all of the very detailed history that she knows about Chincoteague and I can’t help, but feel inferior. And I thought, well there’s a place I’ve never heard of nor knew anything about!  Dang it! Am I the worst explorer ever?

The inferiority lasted about a second, and then I was fully engaged with the information. I wasn’t a good student when I was in high school. History never appealed to me. In college, I became more committed to past events and the beginnings of places, people, companies, and traditions. Now as an adult, I’m feeling like a sponge listening to Aileen. I find that I just want to absorb as much as I can about what she’s talking about. 

Unique Chincoteague

Please take a look at our most recent Let’s Eat blog and our Let’s Go blog to learn more about where Aileen spent her wedding anniversary and the history behind the food and location. She has provided us with great information, and I’m sharing it with you because it sounds ideal for a girls weekend. All of us on this Queen Dream Team hope that she will take us next time she ventures to this unique spot.  

Learning never ends

I have this really incredible team here at My Girlfriendships, and I can honestly say we all learn from each other. I call them the Queen Dream Team because they are all queens of their individual role—and they are all a dream for me. Each one of them has a definitive place within our brand. I am discovering that Aileen has a hidden talent for data, and I have dubbed her the “all-knowing-of-information” queen.

Between Aileen and Pete (and many others), I’d like to say that I’ll eventually learn all I have ever wanted to know about anything and everything, but it’s doubtful. Learning never ends. I am content knowing that I can rely on everyone in my life—including you—to keep feeding me information, and I will continue to act like a sponge and absorb all that I can. 

I love that you were with me today. See you tomorrow!




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