Assemble a Gorgeous Grazing Table

When all of your girlfriends have completely different dietary restrictions, it can be hard to figure out what to make that everyone can enjoy. Grazing tables have been extremely popular lately, and there are many reasons for that. First, they are absolutely gorgeous, and a perfect focal point for any gathering. Second, they’re completely customizable, and make it really easy to focus on showcasing local foods, while providing enough variety to satisfy everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions. Lastly, they keep the atmosphere casual, allowing your girlfriends to ‘graze’ at their leisure, and leaving no need for you to worry about continuing to serve food throughout the party. Just set it out, grab a drink, and enjoy your girl time! Here are seven expert tips for creating a grazing table from Eat Smart:


#1 The base layer is important.

Start with an interesting table or piece of furniture that reflects the overall décor of your party. Unique tablecloths can spice up the plainest table.

#2 Think location, location! 

Leave plenty of room for guests to mingle around the table. This works best if the table isn’t jammed against the wall, allowing guests to access it from both sides.

#3 Mix and match serving dishes.

Various height serving boards, trays, and stands make for an exciting visual for your food. Wooden boards add a rustic look, while marble gives a more sophisticated feel.

#4 Use fancy cutlery and serving utensils.

You want the dishes, utensils, plates and glasses to all look great too. Skip the red Solo cups and white plastic forks and spoons. Mix and match fun items you have around the home or head to the dollar store or thrift store for some even more character. 

#5 Choose a variety of textures when selecting food.

Choose creamy, hard, crumbly, and aged cheeses, different types of cured meats, nuts, dipping vegetables, dips, and a mix of hard and soft fruits. Add in an array of crackers, bread sticks, condiments, and preserves to round out your offerings. The more variety, the better!

#6 Don’t leave any white space.

When all is said and done, the table should be totally covered in a rainbow of color. Fill in any gaps with greenery, sprigs of herbs, nuts, or flowers. Be sure to choose flowers without a strong scent so they don’t compete with the food.

#7 Keep food options bite sized.

Don’t include any food that is too big or too messy to eat. The ultimate goal of a grazing table is to be able to eat a little bit of everything. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything to one or two bites maximum.


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