Girlfriends! How About a Vermont Adventure?

Show of hands. Who was able to name the other five New England states (as we challenged in last week’s blog on Connecticut?) Well, if any of you were stuck, My Girlfriendships® is in New England this week too, visiting Vermont, one of the other five. (CT, VT...can you name the other four?) Vermont is the English translation of French for green mountain, verd mont. Ah, the Green Mountains, the magnificent 250 mile chain that runs north-south through the middle of the state. Even when covered with snow, the pine trees make the mountains look green.


Here are three more reasons to choose Vermont as your girls weekend destination. You’ll be in the place where

  • The first great American Road Trip began, in a car named “Vermont” 
  • The fifth happiest people reside, as determined in a 2013 state vote
  • A shy, but friendly monster named “Champ” lives in Lake Champlain (The famous myth attracted the attention of the Discovery Channel®, as well as brought this 2018 documentary, Watch on the Trail of Champ

My Girlfriendships says Let’s Go to Vermont and check out either Stowe or Burlington. Read on for things to do and where to stay when you get there. 


When we hear Stowe, Vermont, our first thoughts lean toward great winter skiing. But spring, summer, and fall offer plenty of things to do as well. Here are two other ideas:

What to Do

  • Sunset Rock  |  Rated easy which is perfect for a nice My Girlfriendships outing. Sunset Rock is a short hike that starts in the heart of Stowe’s Historic Village, providing a forested backdrop, recreational opportunities, and scenic vistas. It’s the perfect place for a picnic with a view. The best way to visit Sunset Rock is to walk from the Historic Village via the Sunset Rock Trail located at the end of Sunset Street. Just past Sunset Rock is the Glacial Kettle Hole, formed 10,000 years ago as the glaciers receded and the raging melt-waters filled the valley below. The kettle hole was created by small pebbles swirling in the whirlpool that eroded the rock, forming the circular hole. For a shorter hike with less elevation gain, park at the Sunset Rock parking area on Taber Hill Road. From this parking lot, it’s an easy quarter-mile walk along the Access Road to the Upper Overlook. The walk can be done as a loop, returning via the Sunset Rock Trail to the Taber Path and back to the parking lot. 


  • Stowe Village Massage  |  After a day-long hike, what’s more perfect than time spent with your girl crew at a day spa? From stress reduction to pain relief to improving overall quality of life, massage has many benefits. Stowe Village Massage offers a variety of massage options for health and well-being. Certified massage therapists will work with everyone individually to create a session that is perfect.

Where to Stay

When looking for a place to stay when in Stowe, we recommend a storied location and a spacious cabin. 

  • The Trapp Family Lodge  |  Yes, that Trapp family! Remember the end of The Sound of Music, when it shows the von Trapp family leaving Austria? If there would’ve been a sequel, we’d have seen that the von Trapps actually immigrated to Stowe, Vermont where they ran a music camp and a lodge. A little of Austria, a lot of Vermont! 

Situated on 2,500 acres, the Trapp Family Lodge is a unique mountain resort featuring Austrian-inspired architecture and European-style accommodations. The Lodge offers stunning mountain views, old-world comforts, impeccable service, and activities for every season. Maybe when we visit we can hike up into the hills to sing—or maybe not. Best leave that to the professionals. 

  • A Camp in Stowe  |  This 4 bedroom private getaway is in a great location, between the mountain and Stowe Village, perfect for any activity you’re planning for your next My Girlfriendships gathering. With incredible views of the mountains from the dining area, you may never want to venture off the property. Two large cushioned bench seats offer the perfect vantage point for meals or daydreaming, and four additional seats around the dining table provide more than enough space for your whole girlfriendships® crew. The perfectly cozy kitchen island adds even more space, while the smaller appliances provide what you need to make meals and memories. 


Just a 45 minute drive northwest of Stowe is beautiful Burlington, nestled on Lake Champlain. 

What to Do

  • The Whistling Man Schooner Company  |  Located at One College Street in Burlington, the founder of Whistling Man had an old Charlie Chaplin wind up toy as a kid. When wound, Charlie twirled his cane and whistled. When starting this company in 1996, he was reminded of this childhood toy and he recalled a superstition that many sailors revere: whistling on a boat will conjure up fair winds and following seas. Twenty-five years later, the Whistling Man Schooner Co.’s namesake has come to mean more than just old sailing lore. It's also the pleasant sound the wind makes when traveling through the rigging, and it's what they all like to do when having a jolly good time sailing on Friend Ship and Wild Rose. Sounds like a fun day trip with your girlfriendships crew, right?



  • Church Street Marketplace  |  You can’t visit Burlington without hearing about Church Street. This well-known thoroughfare is a bricked, pedestrian-only walkway that starts at the church and stretches for about six blocks, with numerous streets branching off in both directions. It’s the center of downtown, filled with cafes, bookstores, eclectic boutiques, and stores of all kinds. 

Where to Stay

  • Hilton Burlington Lake ChamplainTheir downtown rooms are one block from Waterfront Park, where you can board a cruise and explore the idyllic waters of Lake Champlain, and try to spot Champ. Hop aboard one of their rental bikes and explore the Burlington Bike Path or make that short, five minute walk to Church Street Marketplace.

  • Downtown Burlington Home  | This VRBO is located in the Hill Section Campus District, a wonderful spot to enjoy all that Burlington has to offer. It’s in a vibrant, active, youthful neighborhood located within walking distance of Church Street Marketplace, University of Vermont, and Champlain College. A quick ride on the College Street shuttle or a walk down the hill will take you to Burlington's waterfront park which offers museums, restaurants, marina services, water sports, walking and biking trails. 

No matter what your tribe’s vibe, Vermont will deliver! 

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