Get Ready to Party on the Island of Enchantment

How about a girls getaway to Puerto Rico? Tropical climate, diverse landscapes, and traditional cuisine make it ideal!  It’s called “Island of Enchantment” because it captivates the hearts of all who visit with its unique blend of Spanish, Caribbean culture with a bit of an American twist. You and your girlfriends will thoroughly enjoy the charismatic and hospitable people of Puerto Rico, too. Whether you stay in San Juan or Santurce, your girl's trip will be like a dream you can always come back to. 

San Juan

What to Do

  • El Yunque National Forest  | This is the only tropical rainforest in the United States, and it’s only 45 minutes east of San Juan.The most popular activity is hiking, and with 44 square miles (that’s about 21,212 football fields), you’ll have plenty of ground to cover. Don’t want to hike? I recommend you just go, and take in the natural wonders like more than 240 unique plant species, birds, pools, lagoons, and waterfalls. If you and your girls want to travel with a tour guide, most major hotels in San Juan have tour guides that depart right from the hotel to El Yunque.


  • Castillo Catamaran Tours | The Castillo Catamaran tour— a half-day excursion that begins with a 45-minute sail to Icacos Island—is a must-do while you and your girlfriends are in Puerto Rico. Once you get to the island, you're free to disembark to swim in the crystal-clear water, or sunbathe on the beach. Sign up and experience an amazing catamaran experience, a box lunch, and a pouch of local sangria pouch. Fun!

Where to Stay

  • El San Juan Hotel | El San Juan Hotel is a charming and historic hotel that sits on Isla Verde Beach. There is a sense of peacefulness inside the hotel. Along with four pools, El San Juan has the Well & Being Spa, a sky deck, and a variety of beach activities. El San Juan also has a number of bars and restaurants for nightlife entertainment. It truly is the all-in-one stay. You and your girlfriends will appreciate the traditional island hospitality El San Juan has to offer. 


  • Airbnb 154 Villamil II | This Airbnb is called an “aparthotel” (comfortable like an apartment with the amenities of a hotel). It’s in a great location— the airport is about 10 minutes away by car and the beach is about 8 minutes away by foot. It’s also close to a bunch of restaurants and stores too. Bonus? The Airbnb owners only use green and organic cleaning supplies. I don’t know about you, but me and my girls love the thought of this safe and clean Airbnb. 


Just across the Puente Dos Hermanos bridge is the sassy, spirited, creative, and musical island of Santurce. Check it out!

What to Do

  • Calle Loiza | Calle Loiza is the name of Santurce’s main street, and is the heart of the city. Stroll along and grab a bite to eat, explore the shops, and marvel at the art. You and your amigas can expect to spend about half a day here—maybe more if you want to stay late for drinks too. 

  • La Placita de Santurce | Looking for an authentic Puerto Rican experience? Hit La Placita where you will truly experience Puerto Rico’s nightlife. By day, it’s a traditional market, but at night it comes alive! People stream in to eat, grab a cocktail, listen to live music and spill into the streets for dancing. Put on comfortable shoes and get ready to eat, drink, and dance together in this beautiful plaza. 



Where to Stay


  • The DreamCatcher Hotel  | 200 steps from the beach? Yes please! In 2020 DreamCatcher won TripAdvisor’s ‘Traveler’s Choice Award’. Not only does it have elegant suites and amazing vegetarian cuisines, they also have dreamcatchers (I used to make these in art class!) in all corners of the hotel to truly represent themselves. You and your girlfriends will love this cozy stay, prime location, and delicious cuisines. 


  • Airbnb Stylish Beach Apartment  | This cute Airbnb is located in the heart of Santurce. It’s eight minutes from the beach and only a few blocks from Calle Loiza. This beautifully-designed apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a beautiful terrace and a fully-equipped kitchen to cook in and a living room to hang out in. The awesome thing is every room has AC so you can escape the heat when needed. This homey feel is perfect for having a pajama party with your besties at night!



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