College Getaways...Get Educated and Get Creative!

College Getaways...Get Educated and Get Creative!

I remember the days when I was raising my kids and juggling what seemed like endless responsibilities. No way would you have found me taking time away for a girls weekend anywhere on my bulleted list of to-dos. But as I realized in You and Your Girlfriends Need Each Other, I should’ve added it. That’s why, during with this week’s blog theme of college The Uncharted Path I had to Map on My Own and Eye-Opening Insomnia Cookies...Are They as Good as Mine? I’m going to help you get creative. 

Do you have high school-aged kids and are planning some college visits in the coming months?  Why not turn it into a girls weekend too?  Maybe your alma mater is on the list. Wouldn't it be fun to invite your besties (their kids or not) to join you? You could make it a self-guided tour and relive the past, or, join in an actual tour and learn all the ways the campus has changed since you were there. Your kid(s) may not enjoy it as much as you will, but who cares? You and your girls will get to squeeze in some much-needed connection time. 

I know, I know. COVID-19 is still causing chaos. Then do the next best thing and check out some campuses virtually with Campus Tours with your kids AND your girls. Even if you can’t physically tour the campuses, the hour or two can really fortify your girlfriendships.

Where to go 

  • Berry College, GA: You might recognize this campus from its features in Remember The Titans and Sweet Home Alabama
  • University of Colorado- Boulder: My Girlfriendships thinks there’s much to love about Colorado (Prepare Some Colorado Peaches Two Ways and Colorado Bulldog) so if you decide to jump on that bandwagon, be sure to get off at the bus stop on campus!
  • Stanford University, CA: While it’s no Chico State (see “Uncharted Path” blog) it is one of the most well known universities in the US and is also one of the most beautiful!

Where to stay

  • If touring Berry College in Georgia, The Barnsley Resort has to be at the top of the list. “A historic southern estate”. 
  • If looking at University of Colorado-Boulder, Hotel Boulderado not only has a catchy name, you’ll have incredible views and love the charm of a stay here!
  • If selecting Stanford, then Garden Court Hotel gives you a piece of history, gorgeous scenery, and is pet friendly!

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