Change is Inevitable, Growth is an Option

We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary at My Girlfriendships®, and with that milestone comes a transition to some new formats. Starting on September 10, 2021, you’ll see your “everything girlfriendships®'' go-to with a refreshed, recharged, new-and-improved facelift…no Botox required! 

This refresh doesn’t change our purpose. We’ll always want to help you stay as close to your girlfriends as possible—especially in this ever-changing world that we live in. During the pandemic, many of us faced the reality of what life was like being alone, unsupported, out of human touch, and yearning to be with our besties. My Girlfriendships will always be a remedy for those times. Use us as your guide—a go-to for all of your girlfriendship needs, wants, and concerns. Here’s what’s being refreshed: 

Our Podcast

We are welcoming a new guest, Liz Pryor, to our podcast starting in Season 4. Liz was attracted to our brand after being tagged on one of our Instagram posts and we are thrilled that she had interest.  

Liz is a national author of two national best sellers, What Did I Do Wrong? and Look At You Now, both of which have garnered esteemed awards that have catapulted Liz into an upper echelon status of authors. 

Liz is regarded as an expert in her field. In 2011, she was chosen out of 15,000 applicants to serve as Good Morning America’s Advice Expert, and we now welcome her to our podcast where she and I will begin a new segment called Friendship Fizz with Loopie and Liz, where we’ll dissect the dynamics of a girlfriendship. We’ll read letters, take calls, and answer your questions. It will be the 15 minutes of your day that you will need just like that Starbucks® coffee in the morning. Listen to our podcast for details on how you can submit your story for The Fizz. We’re certain she will make an impression that will leave you wanting more advice from her. 

For you loyal My GIrlfriendships listeners, don’t fret, Wootie and I will still be bantering! Our segment will follow The Fizz, with Girlfriend Biz. Stay tuned to hear about girls’ weekend trips: why we take them, why we need them, and how to plan them. 

Speaking of trips away, you know that I love to cook for my crew when we’re on our girls trips. If you do too, then you will love our upcoming My Girlfriendships Cookbook. Listen to our podcast for details on how you can submit your recipe for the cookbook.


My Girlfriendships welcomes Courtney Norris, with Bespoke Travel, LLC. 75% of her business is designed around the preparation and planning of on-location trips for actors when filming movies and shows. She comes highly recommended from that world! Her expertise has earned her top priority with the production crews from the entertainment world that you and I pay for at the box office, watch on the comfy couch of our living room, or stream on a plane to our next destination. 

She is excited to join our team and ready to customize your next girls’ weekend trip. 

The Blogs

Over the course of this past year, our blog pages—Let’s Go, Let’s Eat, and Girlfriendships have offered a myriad of content for you and your tribe to plan a destination, with suggestions of what to do and what to eat when you get there. We also throw in fun stories you can discuss with your girlfriends. Use our search bar to find which trips, recipes, or stories are relevant to you. A year’s worth of content…wowee!

Starting on September 10, our blogs will have a different look. No matter what you read, know that our blogs will offer easily accessible ideas for fun places to go and eat. And of course, Courtney is ready and waiting to plan that trip for you! We’re a one-stop shop!

We love that you travel with us—not only for your girls’ weekend trips but also on this journey. Hang on, it’s gonna be quite a ride! 

Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change.”
~ Richard Branson


Lisa A.K.A. Loopie

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