Being on Time and Monday Mornings


From the heart…
…Be on Time!


Monday. It’s a new day, a new week, chance to start over. Yeah, Friday nights are definitely high on my list, but my all time fave are Mondays, in particular the morning. I love the renewal. The reset. The recharge. I’m that perfectionist Virgo who makes lists. Who has six different calendars from every vantage point of my office. I love to be organized. Being on time, is where I struggle. 


My husband Pete does not struggle with being on time. He is the youngest of four very athletic, brilliant, handsome boys and was always trying to keep up with them. (This explains why, in my opinion, he’s the fastest, smartest, and cutest!) He started playing football at the age of nine, continued through high school, played in college (he’s in the Hall of Fame at the University of Minnesota), and had six seasons in the NFL. Being on time for him was ingrained, and was punished if disobeyed. In the NFL he was fined $500 each time he was late to a meeting or practice. He was never late!


Me? I’ve never been fined for being late either! (Actually, I had no idea something like that existed until I met Pete.) But just because I haven't been fined doesn’t mean I am on time. I am your classic example of shoving ten pounds of crap into a five pound bag. It’s the workaholic in me. Please tell me someone out there is like me. Any of you?


When going out to dinner on Friday nights, c’mon now-I have to be a 100% or no go. My 100% means the right footwear (my shoe closet is my “happy place”), an outfit from a wardrobe that I have carefully chosen over the years, and lastly, the eyelashes! I cannot go out on the town without eyelashes. Cleopatra knew their worth long before any Kardashian was even thought of. Eyelashes are my Friday night staple.


But those eyelashes have become the main cause for my not being on time. If I don’t get them right the first time, I sometimes have to re-do that entire eye with makeup. Yes, I can hear you screaming, “GET EXTENSIONS!” And I will scream right back to you, “I’M CLAUSTROPHOBIC!” Extensions are a genius idea--I wish I could wear them, but I can’t. I can’t do gel nails, gel polish, snug bracelets, augmented breasts-anything that I can’t get off of me or out of me for that matter. I freak out. Believe me, I have tried. It’s all a result/symptom of my Lyme disease. Maybe someday it will go away and I will get boobs the size of my head...okay, no. I will just keep being plain ol’ me. 


Let’s get back to the topic at hand, shall we? Being on time and Monday mornings. They give me a chance to start anew 52 times a year. Mondays mean no dressing up, no 6-inch platforms, and no eyelashes. I just sit here at my computer and write to you cuties! Don’t get me wrong, my list of to-do’s each day is extensive, but I am trying my damndest to be on time to write these blogs to you. 


If I’m late, shhhhh please don’t tell Pete, I don’t wanna get fined!


I love that you were with me today. See you tomorrow!


Lisa A.K.A. Loopie


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