A Trip to the Wonderful Wisconsin Dells

The Wonderful Wisconsin Dells 

Every summer for the last 25 years, Pete, the kids and I have gone to the Wisconsin Dells to meet up with some of his former Gopher football teammates and their families for a mini-reunion. I know. You’re probably thinking, if you are familiar with Wisconsin, “This blog is about girls weekends and girlfriendships--why would I want to go to the Dells? That’s for families and their kids!” You’re partly right. But, take it from me, the Dells knows how to cater to adults, too. 

For us, geography, timing, mom obligations, and just the bustle of life never left much time for our group of friends to get together, so the Dells became our tradition. Once there though, we women—we call ourselves the Gopher Girls—made it a priority to create a mini girls weekend. We left the kids with the guys, shed our mom/wife labels, and were just...us. Whether it was the Sundara Inn and Spa (which, again received the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards for 2020) for a facial and massage, or lounging by the infinity pool for drinks and lots of laughs, those few hours with just us Gopher Girls were restorative and relaxing. 

Really. Consider the Dells for your next girls weekend. And while you’re planning, why not make this the first one in your own 25 year tradition?! 



Where to Stay

  • The Wilderness Resort With fantastic villa units and the award-winning Sundara Inn & Spa, it’s been our go-to spot for the last 15 years or so. They treat us very well!
  • The Great Wolf Lodge is just up the road from the Wilderness Resort. Their premium suites offer the perfect place for your slumber party.
  • The Kalahari. Admit it, you and your friends wouldn’t mind daring each other to try the water slide. No? Then opt for a group float along the lazy river.



What to Do

  • The Sundara Spa is our go-to in the area
  • The Kalahari offers unique spa treatments but if you’re traveling on a mother/daughter trip, they also have junior spa treatments worth pampering even the younger women 
  • While we have not yet tried Sun Mountain Spa? I have heard only good things about it

Photo source: https://unsplash.com/photos/_MQfVCb0gGc


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