A Dazzling Girlfriends Adventure Out West in Wyoming

In the mountain-west region of the United States is Wyoming, our nation’s 10th largest state yet smallest in population! This combination gives you and your girlfriends space to roam. When you’re there, you can really feel its distinct spirit. Natural beauty + western spirit = adventure and relaxation!

If you're ready for a lively, yet tranquil experience, we suggest a girl's getaway to either Jackson (Jackson Hole) or Cheyenne.


At the base of The Grand Tetons National Park is Jackson. Sure, its three ski resorts make it popular for skiing, but check out these other options of things to do. 

What to Do

  • Scenic Safaris Snowmobile Rentals   |   Scenic Safaris is one of the top outdoor tour companies in Jackson, no matter the season. Summer? Rent an ATV or take one of their wildlife tours. Winter? Rent the snowmobiles. The best part about that is that you can choose to go on a guided tour, or you and your girlfriends can venture off on your own. Depending on what you are up for, Scenic Safaris has half-day rentals, full-day rentals or even overnight rentals. Guaranteed fun! 

  • Grand Teton National Park   |   Grand Teton National Park is called the “Age-Old Granite Cathedrals” because the mountains are tall, proud, and beautiful. It’s ideal for a hike with your girlfriends—there are sooooo many stunning lakes, dense forests, and wildflower meadows surrounding you. You and your gals will love the calm atmosphere. 


Where to Stay

  • The Wort Hotel   |   The Wort Hotel is historic, charming, and luxurious. It’s a wonderful spot for a girls weekend. Open since 1941, it’s Jackson Hole’s finest boutique hotel. There are a variety of rooms and suites to choose from, and you’ll be comfortable no matter which you choose. The hotel also features the Silver Dollar Bar, The Silver Dollar Grill and The Silver Dollar Showroom so you can eat and hear live music without ever leaving the building. You’ll love staying here! 




About 315 miles southeast of Jackson, on the other side of Wyoming, is the capital city of Cheyenne. Another great option for some time with your besties!

What to Do

  • Cowgirls of the West Museum   |   This museum is an organization dedicated to the heritage of women and the role they played in the settling of the wild west. There is a diverse collection of historical, western memorabilia, Cowgirl members to chat with and an emporium of unique, Western-themed items for sale. This is a unique experience for you and your girlfriends to have together. You will love the stories that come from it. 

  • Cheyenne Botanic Gardens   |   Considered the grand centerpiece of Cheyenne, the botanic gardens provide a dazzling experience. Check out this calm and comfortable space while admiring their award-winning designs of plants, trees, and shrubs. Be sure you also include a walk through the community vegetable garden and greenhouse. You don’t want to miss this amazing, nine-acre landscape. 


Where to Stay

  • The Historic Plains Hotel   |   In the heart of the Cheyenne, next to the downtown plaza is the first luxury hotel to be built in Wyoming. That was 1911. Today, it’s a Cheyenne landmark. There is entertainment within steps of the hotel as the plaza features local artists and shopping. You and your girlfriends will feel right at home in this historic hotel. 

  • Rodeo Bungalow   |   This Airbnb is a charmer, and is only a three minute walk to the closest rodeo! (It’s also close to restaurants and shopping too.) The Airbnb has air conditioning (which is fantastic during a Wyoming summer), a cool, downstairs bar and ample parking. It’s very comfortable and accessible for all. You’ll love the tiny fireplace, the record player (remember those?), and the plant-filled sunroom! This is a great stay. 

Why not call your girlfriends now and say, “Let’s go!”? You’ll love the adventure and sense of freedom Wyoming offers.






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