Lisa "Loopie" Najarian

I was born in Sacramento, but I wouldn’t say I was raised there. From my birth to around age 14, I lived in more than 15 different places—all within a 100-mile radius. It’s difficult for a little girl to get grounded when her restless, high-school-dropout-mom keeps moving from town to town, relationship to relationship. But I used my sense of discovery, unwavering positivity, and need for human connection to form girlfriendships® at every stage of my challenging journey. This lifted me out of an unstable upbringing to the idyllic life I live today.

My Girlfriendships® and its branded products are ideal to bring to market in this time when we realize how necessary relationships are. My Girlfriendships inspires women to nurture their own girlfriendships, which are essential to a fulfilling and happy life.

It is my passion to bring girlfriendships to their fullest potential just like I tried to do all of my years growing up.