"Friendship Fizz" with Loopie and Liz 

Co-Hosted by Lisa Najarian (Loopie) and Author/Advice Expert Liz Pryor 

A podcast that pops the cap on friendship topics left off the societal radar. Friendship Fizz is candid, straight-talk on female friendship from the inside out. We put the truth, the struggle, the pain, and the gain of female friendship on the table. Listener letters, stories, and personal experiences drive the content and invite us to work through their friendship terrain with practical, usable take-aways from both an amateur and an expert.

From how women end friendship and the emotional aftermath, to the seemingly harmless friend who always shows up late, we unveil the stuff friends keep buried. We unearth all of it on this show, and find ways through it. The conversations here blend humor and empathy with plain, old-fashioned, good sense for women who share the belief that no matter what, we'll strive to do it right—or at least, the best we can. We also make time here to celebrate one another. We want to know how you share your love with your friends on girls’ getaways because we know our lives would never see the same ease or joy without some of the most impacting relationships in our lives...our girlfriends. 

Loopie (Lisa Najarian)

It is her passion to bring girlfriendships® their fullest potential just like she tried to do all of her years growing up.

Loopie was born in Santa Rosa, CA, but didn’t stay long, which was the harbinger for what her childhood was going to look like. From birth to age 14, she lived in more than 15 different places—all within a 100-mile radius. It’s difficult for a little girl to get grounded when her restless, high-school-dropout-mom keeps moving from town to town, relationship to relationship. But she used her sense of discovery, unwavering positivity, and need for human connection to form girlfriendships at every stage of her challenging journey. It is her passion to bring girlfriendships to their fullest potential just like she tried to do all of her years growing up.

Loopie is a proud first-generation college graduate with a B.A. degree from California State University at Chico, and holds a Master’s Degree in Education.

Her life has gone from peanut butter to caviar, but she is most comfortable being the laywoman, the one who has been there all too often so she can give her real-life experience on girlfriendships.

She and her husband Pete live in the north and the south and travel to all points in between. Her two, all-grown-up and out-of-the-house children are some of her life’s best work.

Welcome Liz Pryor to the My Girlfriendships®️ Podcast!

Liz is an author, speaker, relationship and life advice expert who tells inspiring life stories on and off the page. Her first book of advice about female friendship, What Did I Do Wrong? (Simon&Schuster) was a finalist for a Books for a Better Life Award.

Two years later, Pryor joined 15,000 applicants vying for a position as life advice expert on ABC’s Good Morning America. After a six-month search, Pryor landed the job and spent 2 years on air for Good Morning America dispensing her shoot-from-the-hip advice.

In 2017, Pryor released her provocative moving memoir, Look at You Now published by (Random House) which promptly became a Chicago Tribune bestseller. The option to the book has been purchased and is in process to become a limited series or feature film.

Pryor tackled her first TEDtalk on the subject of Judgment, with nearly half a million views. The talk is entitled Alone on the Inside.

In 2019, Pryor’s straight-talking advice began appearing in column form monthly for national magazine Family Circle, where Pryor’s parenting and life advice found its home.

Liz is presently writing a sequel to her memoir and penning her first novel. She continues to dispense life advice at LizPryor.com and for several national magazines and news outlets. Born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Pryor, single mom to her three children. maintains life and work in Los Angeles.