My Gilfriendships ® Book


My Girlfriendships® is a memoir by Lisa “Loopie” Najarian, written after she returned from a recent girl’s weekend trip. It’s an intimate story of why she needed, built, left, then rekindled relationships with three of her best friends from high school. It’s a candid look at why it’s not just friendships, but girlfriendships®, that steady life’s messiness.

The memoir begins with the final 10 hours of her mother Edna’s life, with dark details that show us what remains of their complicated relationship—the one that drove Lisa to find alternative connections to others who could nurture and guide her. The remaining pages weave together decades of memories that are disturbing, funny, embarrassing, and relatable.

Though Lisa’s life follows a “peanut butter to caviar” story, her detailed recollections illustrate that it’s her rare spirit and the love from friends that shaped that outcome, and not her complex, dysfunctional family circumstances. My Girlfriendships® inspires thousands of women and remind them how necessary girlfriendships can be to their own wellbeing.